We are professionals who use the Perma-Liner System to repair or replace your sewer lines without digging up the yard and disrupting your basement floor, landscaping, sidewalks or cobblestone driveway.

Re-lining is a technique used for repairing old pipes. The old existing pipe stays in place and becomes the host for the new cured in place pipe.

This technique re-lines the old pipe and is as strong as or stronger than the original pipe. There is no disruption of the earth around the old pipe which is important since many times the water line and sewer line run side by side from the street to the building. The excavation method comes with the possibility of disrupting other underground utilities despite having the area marked.

This re-lining product is used for pipe repair in industrial, commercial, municipal and residential situations. Once done, the “new pipe” is pushed into position through one opening, cured for several hours and that’s it. One day, no digging, no mess to clean up and this product is half the cost of traditional water pipe or sewer pipe repair.

Pipe re-lining is popular in urban areas where there is congestion due to existing services sharing the same space under the surface and above the ground areas where landscaping, sidewalks and/or roads are a problem.

Here are a couple of the commercial projects we have been involved with:

We were called in to re-line the sewer in a hotel which would have had to shut down for weeks to dig up and replace a broken sewer line which ran under the hotel lobby and entrance driveway.

Another project was for a gas station; we were called in by another plumbing company to re-line a sewer pipe that ran under a major intersection which would have been impossible to close down for the time needed to dig up and replace the sewer pipe.

We are currently involved in a large project where the drainage pipes under a major shopping mall are all failing and there are hundreds of failing pipe joints and many repairs needed. To dig up the whole parking lot is not cost effective or energy efficient.

We have performed many residential re-linings to the delight of the clients who had been previously quoted replacement prices that were more than double the cost of re-lining.

In many cases the original problem was a clogged main sewer with tree roots causing the blockage. After the initial drain cleaning and video camera inspection, there was a diagnosis made of a cracked or broken sewer line which was allowing the tree roots to enter the sewer line. Once a decision to re-line was made by the client, we were able to get in and out in 2 short days.

  • Day one: completely preps and cleans the sewer by hydro jetting.
  • Day two: re-line the sewer.

This type of sewer repair SAVES MONEY, ENERGY AND TIME, leaves no mess and comes with a 50 year guarantee.